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Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is….

Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Tschanna Taylor, aka, the Purpose Engineer where I teach aspiring authors how to remove the guilt and shame from their past life’s messes and view them now as masterpieces so that they can share their stories with the world. I’m married to a military veteran who served in the Iraq war and mom to a 12 yr old budding entrepreneur (wonder where he gets it from, lol) . I’ve been in business since I was 18 years old, immediately out of high school but then life happened. I’ve had a lot of “life happened” experiences and I realized that in order to effectively grow and build in business, that I had to heal hurts and wounds that stemmed from as far back as my childhood. After exposing those broken places, which spilled over into my spiritual, financial, emotional and physical life, I made a conscious choice to collaborate with several coaches and therapists and use those same broken places as building blocks. As an entrepreneur, I am committed to helping others redefine their life, hold their heads high, and confidently share their stories to monetize from their pain. This is just a little bit about me and once you come to my website and view my blogs, watch me on social media, you will come to learn more and more about who they call the Purpose Engineer. Follow me on social media at Tschanna Taylor or send me an email at and I will reply back to you. Ciao for now, Tschanna

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