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Sought after speaker

 Tschanna Taylor

Bestselling Author  •  Speaker  •  Coach

As a highly sought after speaker and author, Tschanna connects with audiences in deep and meaningful ways. She helps women who are stuck and weighed down in life providing them with tools for purpose, self-confidence, and self-esteem. If you would like to know more about booking Tschanna for a talk, workshop, or live event, click the buttons below for more information.

Signature Topics

  • Ctrl, Alt, Del- Reboot Your Life Unapologetically

  • How to be a Game ChangeH.E.R. –Go All In! 

  • Girl, Take the “S” Off Your Chest

  • From Mess to Masterpiece-Mastering My Pieces

A Message from Tschanna

When you are keenly aware that the challenges that you’ve faced in life has nothing to do with you, but that every woman, every person in life has a story, you realize you can no longer stay silent about your story.

As an ambivert (the best of both worlds as an extrovert & introvert), public speaking was the last thing I thought that I’d ever do. However, when God puts a purpose filled message in your heart and you know that you are meant to share this message, you realize it’s time to move out of self and deliver the message because again, our purpose isn’t about us.

My mess into my masterpiece talk is the reason why I speak, to share my story of domestic violence as a child, self-confidence issues, always feeling as if you have to “prove” yourself to be liked by family and friends, infidelity, infertility, chronic health issues and I can continue to name stories, but I share my message to encourage and empower others that they are not alone and that life isn’t over. Nothing that you’ve gone through is EVER wasted….

1 Corinthians 10:13 TLB

So I speak to inspire others to know that despite the obstacles you face in life, there is purpose in your pain.

Downloadable Speaker Sheet
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