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Who Is Tschanna Taylor?

Tschanna Taylor is a preeminent Authorpreneur whose professional career began back in 1994 after starting her  first business as a desktop publisher. Since then, she has explored different avenues in business from human resource management to corporate trainer. 

Whereas others find their greatest fulfillment and motivation in moving forward, she found hers in looking back. Affectionately known as “The Purpose Engineer,” Tschanna Taylor realized that in order to effectively build, she had to heal—hurts and wounds that stemmed from as far back as childhood. After exposing those broken places, which spilled over into her spiritual, financial, emotional, and physical life, she made a conscious choice to collaborate with several coaches and therapists—and use those same broken places as building blocks. As an entrepreneur for over 25 years, she’s committed to helping others redefine their life, hold their heads up high, and confidently share their stories to monetize from their pain.

And while some dream of going to an Ivy League college and landing their dream job, Tschanna knew immediately that her dream job simply didn’t exist. Passionate about being her own boss even as a teenager, she knew it was up to her to create it. After years of despair, disappointment, and wanting to throw in the towel, she knew it was imperative that she not only profit from her pain—but teach others how to do the same. Little did she know that sharing her story of infidelity in her marriage at a women’s conference would open the door to coaching, consulting, and more. Thus, she formed Tschanna Taylor Enterprises, LLC where she teaches others how to redefine, reaffirm and rebuild a life of peace out of broken pieces.

Serving as the executive director for The Redefined Woman Network in Durham, North Carolina, Tschanna is also a business mentor with SCORE-Raleigh-Durham, a certified life coach in the areas of childhood trauma, health and wellness, mental health, pre-marital/marital, and business coaching to name a few. Having been featured in numerous magazines, radio shows, and podcasts, she recently released her devotional titled: Redefined: 21 Days to Reset Your Mind, Heart and Soul, sharing inspirational devotions for readers to reevaluate how they look at themselves and rediscover who they have been called to be after life’s challenges interfere with one’s purpose and calling.

Besides her degree in Organizational Leadership from Villanova University, a degree in Healthcare Leadership from Herzing University, and Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University, Tschanna also holds a bachelor’s in Business Administration from DeVry University and an MBA in Human Resource Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. Her other educational background focuses on everything from Life Coaching to Biblical Studies, truly making her a force to be reckoned with both nationally and internationally. Set apart by her transparent delivery and transformative storytelling abilities, anyone can clearly see that she is resilient about helping others operate authentically and unapologetically in their God-given purpose.

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