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Check Your Refrigerator Because Something is Cutting Up

I have a private community on Facebook, where all of our conversations (health, life, relationships, career, business & ministry) are centered around "RedefineHER". Recently, we talked about how as a suggestion, this may be a good time to check your refrigerator because something in their is cutting up. I know mines is due for a good ole' cleaning.

The same way we may need to remove whatever is in our refrigerators that's very foul is the same way we should be aware of the words we speak over ourselves removing deafeating words stopping us in our tracks. Every negative word you speak over yourself is a bad fruit. Bad fruit comes from the root. What are you saying? Why? What is the root? (Fear, Doubt, Judgment, Self-Pity, Low Self-Esteem,etc).

I remember a time when I released my first book, the publisher at that time said that my book wouldn't sell and no one wanted to hear what I had to share, yada yada yada. Well, 5 years later, I am still getting requests from this book. The issue is not so much of what she said, but it is what I said. I started to think that she was the expert and I was the novice in the book writing industry and she was right. WRONG!

Here's what I know to be true concerning you. You, my friend, have been called with a purpose. You are a leader! There is no room for negative talk. We can't lead others if our language is sprinkled or saturated with bleak words.

Dig deep and remove the thing(s) that cause you to say those terrible things about yourself so everything can be made new. Feel free to email me back if you want to talk about the things that you're working on to remove. I'll be around.

To your redefined "new" talk,

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