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The vows were spoken but what do you do when your heart is broken. Your marriage is in turmoil or has come to an end. Your hope is gone and the future seems dismal. Life as you know it has become foreign and at times too much to bear. In the midst of the hurt and the anguish, you are faced with the question: How do I move forward, God, your way?


Chances are when you enter into marriage, you have no intentions to break your covenant, so then, and why does infidelity happen? Anger, disappointment, abandonment, and disbelief are just some of the emotions a person goes through during a relationship crisis. But through the mixed feelings, Can you continue to make your marriage work?


This book is designed with tools and tactics on how to move forward God’s way from a life of heartache and brokenness to a life of peace and wholeness.


This book will: • Provide exercises that will help you triumph over your relationship crisis • Challenge you to step out of your comfort zone • Prepare you for the next phase of your life • Arm you with Biblical references and examples.


There is happiness after heartbreak and brokenness and a marriage can be salvageable but you have the power to redefine who you are for the next chapter in your life. Even when you don't understand, Move forward God's way.

After the Affair: Moving Forward God's Way

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