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WIIFM! (What’s In It For Me?)

As crazy as it may sound, even selfish to some, I am giving you full permission to be okay with just that. You will need to be. You must be willing to prioritize your thoughts, feelings and emotions and find the time to dedicate yourself to uncovering your passions and your purpose. This will involve changing your current routines and in some cases, acquaintances. 

Whenever you move forward, you must leave some behaviors, habits and people behind.

My primary objective as the Purpose Engineer is to ignite your hidden passions and uncover your unique calling and then provide a strategic plan to show you how to make a living doing it. Once your purpose is determined, your job is to write it down and read it aloud daily, which will secure this belief in your mind.

If you haven’t achieved what you want, I would guess it is because you have not identified exactly what you want. Most people who fail to make a change have not found a strong enough reason why. And so you ask, “How do you know, Tschanna?”

I’m glad you asked. I have dedicated my life’s work to understanding the process and have created a plan based on researching and studying greats in the industry who are living and working their dream. My dream started immediately out of high school and I’ve been moving forward ever since. Sure, there were some wins and my God, there were many fails. It is in the fails that keeps me wanting to learn more on how to improve and grow so that I can share those same strategies with you. I work with individuals and corporations every day who have the same challenges as you and I. People who take time to discover what they truly want from life usually obtain it.

The good thing is that you’ve been presented with another choice. I want to share with you that it’s okay to take a pause, be still, get quiet and reflect on what is in it for you. You’re taking care of everyone else except for you and that’s not good, my friend.

Here are a few tips to help you discover what’s in it for you.

  1. Stop overthinking it. Make a decision and trust the process. Know that if the decision you made was a bad one, there’s always a way of escape.

  2. Be still for a  minute and calm down, no explanation needed.

  3. Stop comparing yourself to others. Everything you need is on the inside of you. Use what you got!

  4. Know your strengths. Take a course, go to a networking event, hire a coach, and always find opportunities to be stretched and grow.

  5. Don’t let people walk all over you. Be bold! Be strong! Be courageous.

  6. Forgive yourself and forgive others.

  7. Just be you!

I’d like to hear from you to know how you’ve applied any of these tips in your daily routine. Send me an email (and no, I don’t have a robot to reply, I will answer your email) with what you were able to do or share with me if you are stuck and let’s talk to see if we can’t get you moving forward.

Email me at

I look forward to talking to you soon.

Purposefully igniting you,


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