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What does your Signature say about your Purpose?


In today’s world, we are able to communicate quickly by email, text, instant messages, group chats and social media posts. The other day I was trying a new restaurant not far from where I work. As I ordered my food and signed my bill, the cashier said, You have a very unique signature that says so much about you. He said I really like to see distinct signatures. At first, I was thinking to myself, “Oh Lord, Cover my identity because I have been hit before with identity fraud”?  But then, He said, Your signature says that you are a very confident woman, a forward-thinker, and you have a high self-esteem about yourself. I listened in amazement at how in just 90 seconds, he describe a good bit of my characteristics. Your signature is unique. It represents you on important documents, messages to friends, your mark of intent and promise, your bond. Your signature speaks about your identity, who you are, your style, your approach and personal taste.  It is your multi-purpose sign, committing you to repay a debt and used to help enforce law. But it also helps to convey a personal message to your loved ones, wishing a happy birthday and so much more.

So today, as I reflect on something that seems so small but really is big, Remember that your signature has a purpose tied to YOUR purpose.

What does your signature say about your purpose?

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