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Use GLAD Bags to take out the Trash

Earlier this am, I posted that this is a new season, it’s a new day. Yep, It is. So, start spring cleaning. Yeah, I know it’s cold out but start now. No need of waiting for 2017 to make resolutions and write down things in your journal that you have intentions to do but don’t always get done.

Go ahead and think about the things that clutter your area and your mind. What’s draining all of your energy? What stresses, worries, doubts or fears do you need to clear out?

Jot down one, Shoot, write down two or three more. Do it right now (I’ll wait, while you go grab your paper and your pencil)

Then release them Throw them out Take the trash out They don’t serve your greater good

Accomplish everything that you want to accomplish and more, NOW. Set goals, stick to them. If you have to get a coach, Seek one out, contact me, or I have an arsenal of coaches I can refer you to but whatever you do, Don’t stay stuck.

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