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Lessons from Esther, Ruth, Priscilla, Abigail, Hannah, Naomi

I find women in the Bible intriguing.  From Eve, to Abigail and other strong, honorable women of faith, I love to study them and always learn something from them all.  Today, I’m going to focus on those that I hold up as good, Godly examples.


The story of Esther is packed full of lessons. Queen Vashti, Kind Ahasuerus’ first wife, was disobedient so he divorced her and married Esther.  Now, Esther was not your typical queen.  Although she was young and beautiful, she was also a Jewish orphan.  She kept that a secret though.

Esther’s cousin, Mordecai, was a servant to the king.  He caught wind that a man named Haman had an evil plot up his sleeve to kill Mordecai and all the Jews.  Kind Ahasuerus was known for being irrational and foolish.  Esther was clever and wise though.  She got to work immediately and convinced her husband to save Mordecai and the Jewish people.

Like all of us, Esther had choices.  She didn’t have to be compassionate to her cousin and the Jews.  She had it made.  Why should she care?  Even when she did act out of care and concern, she also could have done so by nagging or throwing a fit (not that women ever do those things).  Instead, she was smart, patient and effective.

I try to remember Esther’s example when I am faced with situations that make me want to fly off the handle.  I also love to apply Esther’s use of her plot in life.  She could have easily suffered from an inferior complex, feeling undeserving because of her nationality the fact that she was an orphan.  Instead…she owned it.  Furthermore, she embraced the opportunity she had because of her position and used it for good.

Naomi and Ruth

You’ve probably heard the story.  Naomi and her husband traveled to a foreign land in search of a better place because there was a terrible famine.  Instead of finding solace, Naomi found heartbreak.  Shortly after her two sons had taken brides, they and her husband all died.  She was left with nothing or no one.  Except for a very special and devoted daughter-in-law, Ruth, that is.

Ruth not only vowed to stick with her mother-in-law, she insisted.  She wasn’t just offering to be nice, she was committed to doing it.  Hum…lesson there, for sure.

Because of Ruth’s noble character, she ended up with quite a catch, Boaz.  He was well off and kind to both Ruth and Naomi.  As it turns out, Ruth was King David’s great-grandmother.

One thing that really sticks out to me in this account is that Ruth gave of herself and expected nothing.  She was blessed.  Naomi, on the other hand, lost all and was blessed by having a very special person placed in her life.  No matter what, God takes care of His children.


I love this one.  Priscilla was a dynamic teacher in the church when it really wasn’t acceptable for women to be teaching.  She did it though, under the covering of her husband, Aquilla.

The two were living in Rhome at a time that the Jews were banished to Corinth.  It’s not clear if Priscilla was a Jew but she faithfully went, right by his side.  Once they had relocated, they continued their business of tent making, which Aquilla had taught his wife to help him with.  That’s when they ran into Paul.

The couple were excited about Paul’s teaching and even offered him a place to stay.  Priscilla grew strong in the Lord, right along with her husband.  Later on, the couple was given many opportunities to share the Lord…and, they did.

I find Priscilla inspiring because she worked, taught and served right by her husband’s side.  They did everything together and made their marriage, their job and their ministry work.  I think the only way that she could have done that was due to the fact that she had a loving and submissive spirit.


Abigail’s not the most famous woman in the Bible, but she’s definitely one of my favorites.  She was a beautiful young lady, married to a powerful idiot, Nabal.  Sorry, but that’s my take.  Not only was Abigail drop-dead gorgeous, she was wise and had a huge heart.

But the best thing about Abigail, in my book, is that when David approached Abigail’s husband in search of help, Nabal insulted him and planned to have David killed.  Abigail stepped in to intercede.  She did so in a very calm, cool and collective way.  And…it worked.  She was meek and mild enough to get the job done.  The Bible tells us that a soft answer turns away wrath and Abigail can attest to that!


Hannah knew the meaning of heartbreak.  She longed for a son but could not bear children…”but God”.  I love the “but God” parts of the Bible as much as I love this dear woman who remained faithful through thick and thin.

The priest prayed to God to give Hannah a child.  Hannah believed.  Eventually, she bore a son she named Samuel.  But God called Hannah to give her only son up (see any symbolism there?).  Through faith that God had a plan, she obediently did so and we all know what a mighty man of God Samuel turned out to be.  The story wasn’t over though.

Sensing Hannah’s sorry, the priest prayed that God would give Hannah more children.  She had given all she had but God blessed her with five more children.  Hannah praised God for his blessings but I truly believe…she would have praised Him anyway.

These women in the Bible have it all…beauty, inside and out, patience, wisdom, submissive hearts and all the other traits that make Godly women a powerful force to be reckoned with.  I hope and pray that as I continue to study these women, even just a little rubs off on me.

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