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Lean on Me, Says God……


The older I get, the more I see that I cannot depend on people. People have good intentions, but sometimes, they will do something to let you down. That’s why the Bible tells us, Don’t put your trust in no man. In any relationship, a person can only provide you with 80%, the other 20% is the component that you won’t receive. However, it is good to know that you can get 100% from God.

The higher you are in God, the more you will face rejection (from people). Always do your best in all that you are assigned to do. Quit trying to please people! Always strive to please God, because he will ask you did you fulfill your purpose, finish your assignment, not if you pleased people.

Judges 7:2 talks about the Midianites crossing Jordan to attack the enemy. Well God gave a strategic plan to Gideon but Gideon had too many people. So God told the people in Gideon’s army that if they were afraid, to go back and so Gideon lost about 2/3’s of his army, originally starting out with about 32,000 men. Then God told Gideon that he still had too many men and to bring the remaining men to the river. God told Gideon to pay attention to how the men drink when they get to the river. Those who drank in haste would be the ones to be sent back just as the previous group. Gideon now has 300 men in his army. I can only imagine Gideon was probably wondering, “Lord, How in the world can I win this fight”, like we do when we get a letter in the mail that a bill is due and we don’t have the money to pay it, etc.  In that very moment, God told Gideon, the less you depend on people the more my anointing will rest on you. Fight the fight of faith!

Are you discouraged that people don’t back you up or support you in your efforts (ministry, business, education, etc)?  Don’t worry about that. When you fulfill the assignment that He has given to you, God will send people to help you, to cheer you on, to give you that encouragement that you need but you have to lean solely on God. People will hurt and disappoint you but what they do or don’t do, doesn’t determine your destiny. Remember when Jesus was about to be crucified, Peter denied Jesus so the same will happen to you.

Remind yourself, I AM A CHILD OF GOD and I AM IMPORTANT.

The only power that people have over you is the power that you give them.


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