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The holiday season is officially here. This is a time that we gather together to spend times with our family, friends and loved ones. These are the times that we are most grateful and thankful for our many blessings.

Often times, when you see the social media challenges for being grateful and you complete your list of things that you are most thankful for, do you ever stop to take the time to write down things about yourself that you are thankful for?  As a coach, My passion is to teach others how to be their authentic selves and embrace their God-given talents and abilities toward their blooming purposes, I rarely take time to appreciate my own fragrance.

Before you express gratitude for others, take some time to honor YOU for the amazing person you are. Start with “I am..” See how many ways you can define your uniqueness. Focus on your goodness, strength and beauty. Be thankful for who you are because this is what makes you authentically you.  Read your list out loud. When someone compliments you this holiday season, soak it in and believe what they tell you.

Here is my list. What are your “I am” statements?


  2. I am a Lover of God.

  3. I am a loving wife.

  4. I am an outstanding mother.

  5. I am blessed with family and friends who loves me.

  6. I am an encourager.

  7. I am intelligent.

  8. I am creative.

  9. I am resourceful.

  10. I am a servant.

  11. I am an author.

  12. I am an entrepreneur.

  13. I am a leader.

  14. I am beautiful inside and out.

  15. I am humble.

  16. I am resilient.

  17. I am successful.

  18. I am strong.

  19. I am a visionary.

  20. I am saved by the grace of God.

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