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How To Forgive Them Even If They Aren’t Sorry

Sometimes when we are in the forgivng process, we hit the brick wall when they are not sorry. How do you forgive someone who is not sorry for what they’ve done to you?

Forgiveness requires both parties to recognize that damage has occurred. The next step is usually for the person who did the damage to apologize sincerely and offer to make amends. The injured then accepts the apology and forgives, right?  Then comes the healing of the relationship which leads to being able to trust again.

Sometimes, you, the one that was offended, have to be the bigger person and say, “I’m sorry”. That hurts like hell! The version I mentioned earlier is the textbook way which doesn’t necessarily fit into our reality. You’re left a this standstill that only God can help move you forward, His way. This is especially true when the offender doesn’t see the errors in their ways. This is the very moment where you shift your focus from the offender and focus on your healing. 

It’s not necessary for you to act unseemingly when the offender makes a careless comment that disregards your feelings. I know. I get it! It hurts. I’ve been there, done that! This not only affects your feelings but it also affects your inner being. Do not start feeling less worthy as a person. When you have been wronged, this affects your body due to unnecessary stress.

Free yourself. You’re not letting them off the hope. You’re focusing on you. The Word speaks about heaping coals of fire on your enemies head when you feed them and give them a drink of water. Forgive them. Don’t strike back. Begin the healing process.

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