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Book Anthology Project – Coming Soon!

Are you ready to empower women with your overcoming story and manifest your dream of becoming a published author with less stress, less time and less money?

This project is for you if:

  1. You are a woman with a story of a troubled unhealthy relationship past with a man/men, military trauma, health challenges, church hurt, business challenges, hidden, masked identity, domestic violence, childhood trauma, molestation, rape, homelessness and more.

  2. You have a desire to share your story to empower other women and help them get unstuck

  3. You’ve been thinking about writing a book for a while but can’t seem to get it done

Why Become a Co-Author on this Project?

  1. Best way to become a first time author with less stress, less time & less money

  2. Learn the ins and outs so that you can self-publish your own entire book in the future

  3. Get writing and publishing tips that you can use forever

  4. Gain authority and credibility as a published author

  5. Collaboration with supportive like-minded women

What You Never Have to Worry About as a CoAuthor on this Project….

  1. Publishing a book by yourself with no experience, credibility or platform

  2. Finding a professional to ensure the inside and outside of the book layout is easy for your audience.

  3. Finding an excellent editor so do you don’t waste money on editors who have no idea what they’re doing

  4. Getting media attention and publicity for your book

  5. Organizing and paying for a launch party and celebration

Meet the Compiler…

Hello Beautiful, I’m Tschanna Taylor,

I’m super excited that you are interested in sharing your story to empower women in The H.E.R. Extreme Makeover Movement, which is God-inspired, that has been in the making for quite some time until I got clarity on exactly what it should be and how it is to be done. The title of the movement is based on years of trials, tribulations, triumphs and transformations.

From childhood to adulthood, I have experienced many different tests from watching my mother go through domestic violence, me being molested at a young age, teenage difficulties, starting my first business at 18 which FAILED, my own relationships filled with domestic violence, getting married at 19, divorced at age 23, married again to a Deacon at age 24, only to go through mental, spiritual, and verbal abuse, while a rifle stared down my face, having 5 miscarriages, experiencing back to back deaths that caused me a nervous breakdown, having my son unwed at age 30, marrying again at age 32 and experiencing infidelity in my marriage and how the marriage is restored today, and numerous health challenges where I almost died in 2016. I shared these brief testimonies of my life because I never got clear on what purpose was, how I went through this mess (and more) for a purpose and how to walk out that God-given purpose. As I look back over my life, all I can say is BUT GOD! My testimonies were tests that have PURPOSE. God knows the plans for me, even when I don’t know them. Jeremiah 29:11 is my FAVORITE scripture. By doing my inner work, these testimonies is what propelled me to take my ministry/business serious, for the Kingdom, to share with everyone I can, of just how God had a purpose in my life. Because of these stories, God turned my MESS into a MASTERPIECE and that’s where the book collaboration comes in.


You’re here because you know that YOUR TIME IS NOW to get your story and message out!

For me, I now have the knowledge and experience to not just compile the book but I have the platform, credibility, and influence to take the message to the world in a BIG WAY! And this first edition will become an #1 Amazon Best Seller.

Ladies, we have not overcome things in our lives to keep them to ourselves. We are to use our experiences and lessons to help others find their way out to confidence and empowerment.

The vision for this project is HUGE and I’d love for you to come along with me on this journey. The book is just the beginning…

Being a CoAuthor on this project is a great opportunity for you to begin to fulfill your dream to become a published author and share your story. But not only that…you’ll be able to follow along as I teach you how to use this opportunity to build your platform so that this book is a launching pad to so much more.

MY BACKGROUND I’m the founder of Ignited Purpose Coaching Academy to Women who have desires to become an entrepreneur.  I help them to redefine, reaffirm, and rebuild their mess into a masterpiece by VIP trainings and masterminds. I’m also the author of “After the Affair: Moving Forward God’s Way, Promises for a Woman of Purpose Devotional Journal. I  have been in business for over 20 years where my first business was Event/Wedding Planning and Gift Basket Customization at the age of 18 years, straight out of high school. Back then there were no coaches, the word coach was only viewed from a sports standpoint and I failed tremendously. Now, I have completed education earning a Masters of Business Administration from Keller Graduate School of Management, graduate certificates, numerous certifications to include HIScoach certification as a Christian Life and Relationship Coach. I take all of this knowledge gained over the years to build and markey a profitable brand teaching others to do the same. Visit my website at to learn more about me.

Always Count the costs! Count the cost of your self-care, projects and duties you’re already assigned to including financial when considering becoming a part of this project. I have served as a contributing author to 2 collaborations and 4 additional collaborations will be released in 2018. From working on my own books and collaborations,  I learned a lot about the book writing industry. Here are some figures to consider should you decide to write a book on your own (these are only estimates. The cost could be less or more, depending on many different factors)

Average Costs for Self-Publishing a Book on Your Own…

Many people set out to follow their dreams to write a book and never actually become a published author because one, they’re not sure how to start, and then two, because of the costs to publish a PROFESSIONAL well done book. If you haven’t researched yet, you may not know what those costs look like. The average costs I’m sharing below don’t even account for the amount wasted on trying to find the right professional to help you with your book.

Book Cover $200 – $1000

For a professional looking, well designed book cover (the sort you see in your local book stores and from publishers like Penguin, Onskirt Press, and Pearson) you should expect to pay $500 to $1200. An amateur cover will give you amateur results.

Copy Editing $400 – $3,000

The copyeditor reviews the final manuscript for grammar, spelling, and consistency. He or she corrects errors and questions anything that isn’t clear in the text. The cost will depend on the number of words in the book but for professional services the cost is going to be $400 and up. It can go up to about $3,000 or more.

Book Formatting (Page Design & Layout) $200 – $2000

This is a professional layout that is done for printing. It draws in the reader, creates a great reading flow and retains the reader’s attention. Depending on the number of pages it will be $200 – $2000. Also if you’re having layout for Kindle and iBook that will increase the price. Don’t leave this up to an amateur.

ISBN Numbers $125 – $250

Marketing & PR – $500 – $5,000

This includes all of your marketing plan, message development and writing, and marketing materials…flyers, post cards, social media graphics, press release writing and distribution.

Author Website $700 – $2000

You want to have a professional website designer and developer who doesn’t just design a pretty website, but one who can make sure the website is found in a search and available on all mobile devices.

BUT…As a CoAuthor all of the costs are covered by me.

Your investment is $400 if you sign up by February 2, 2018 purchasing a minimum of 50 books. The investment increases to $627 after February 2, 2018. Payment plans are accepted with a automatic draft every two weeks up to three payments only. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a spot in the project and will be deducted from any remaining balances.

Also, from now until January 12, 2018, You can bring your girlfriend with you splitting the costs and books. Email for more information. 

BUT FIRST…Let’s see if your story is a good fit for the book. Send in a 7-10 sentence summary of the story you are interested in sharing, providing the “mess” and how God turned it into a masterpiece by January 5, 2018. Decisions will be made by January 9, 2018 through email.

GET CONNECTED WITH THE H.E.R. Extreme Makeover Movement. Additional details will be provided for signed authors.

What’s Included in the CoAuthor Package?

  1. You become a published author!! MAJOR accomplishment

  2. Your name included on the project/book cover

  3. Professional Book Cover Design

  4. Professional interior book layout and design

  5. Professional Copyediting

  6. All Marketing Planning, Writing and Design

  7. Publicity & Media Relations Management

  8. Virtual/Live Book Launch (required attendance for all authors)

  9. Opportunity to host a H.E.R. Extreme Makeover Live Book Signing & Workshop in Your Hometown

  10. Book published on Amazon Kindle

  11. 50 Printed books and availability to order more at the wholesale price

  12. A private Facebook page for authors to stay connected and network with the other authors

  13. Opportunity for you to learn as we go on this project so you can build/grow your own platform

  14. Author live empowerment calls and/or video

  15. Writing tips and guideline to make your story engaging and keep you unstuck

  16. Wholesale print book orders available to sell in person or through your own website

Are you still excited? Ready to get started? Have more questions before making a decision? Contact Tschanna Taylor at

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