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Book Anthology Project – Coming Soon!

Are you ready to empower women with your overcoming story and manifest your dream of becoming a published author with less stress, less time and less money?

This project is for you if:

  1. You are a woman with a story of a troubled unhealthy relationship past with a man/men, military trauma, health challenges, church hurt, business challenges, hidden, masked identity, domestic violence, childhood trauma, molestation, rape, homelessness and more.

  2. You have a desire to share your story to empower other women and help them get unstuck

  3. You’ve been thinking about writing a book for a while but can’t seem to get it done

Why Become a Co-Author on this Project?

  1. Best way to become a first time author with less stress, less time & less money

  2. Learn the ins and outs so that you can self-publish your own entire book in the future

  3. Get writing and publishing tips that you can use forever

  4. Gain authority and credibility as a published author

  5. Collaboration with supportive like-minded women

What You Never Have to Worry About as a CoAuthor on this Project….

  1. Publishing a book by yourself with no experience, credibility or platform

  2. Finding a professional to ensure the inside and outside of the book layout is easy for your audience.

  3. Finding an excellent editor so do you don’t waste money on editors who have no idea what they’re doing

  4. Getting media attention and publicity for your book

  5. Organizing and paying for a launch party and celebration

Meet the Compiler…