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Are You Ready? Positioning Your Life for “The Call”

There comes a time…to step out of the boat.  There comes a time to take a giant leap of faith.  Are you ready?

I was so anxious for the ministry God has blessed me with to get off the ground.  I had been in training season for what seemed to be an eternity.  I had been prepped.  I had forgiven and done all the things God charged me to take care of in my personal Christian walk so I could help others do the same.  Still…I waited.  Then one day, God asked what I was waiting for.  It was time to get up and get out there.

Here I Am

From the “Lord, here I am, send me” to the launching of the actual ministry, we are in boot camp.  Imagine how a soldier feels when he steps out onto the actual battle ground.  It’s often the same for Christians.  We can be overcome with fear and feelings of inadequacy.  Of course, that’s just fine with the enemy.  But, God has a different view of it.


Steve Harvey posted a video from a recording of his game show Family Feud, where he instructs his viewes to just jump. He said, “The only way for you to soar is for you to jump. You have to take that gift packed in your backpack, jump off the cliff, and pull the cord.” Lord knows I have had many moments that caused me to doubt my abilities, to doubt what I was supposed to do and even if I heard the actual call. It was fear that kept me stuck. Fear to excel. Fear to succeed. Fear to fail. Fear, fear, fear. Listening to Mr. Harvey’s video and reading his book entitled, Jump, gave me the extra boost that I needed. I understand now that no, I may not have all the pieces to the puzzle, I may make a bad decision, I will have to learn from lessons that if only I prayed for direction in the first place, I wouldn’t have to go through this test. The good part in this is that either way, God has a way of escape for me… ALWAYS!


Times will be tough.  Know that.  Like a soldier on the battlefield, there will be times you feel totally exhausted and fearful.  God didn’t call us to a safe place.  He didn’t promise things would be peaches and cream.  But, He saw something in us and knew that we had what it takes to do the job we are called for and I don’t know about you, but I consider that to be an honor that leaves me in awe.

Are YOU Ready?

If you have been in preparation for the ministry and are now feeling the Lord say, “Jump!”, know that many who have gone before us must have felt the same fears and hesitations we do…like Noah when he left dry land… David as he stood before Goliath…Peter just before he stepped out onto the water.

What if…they didn’t.

What if…you don’t?

It’s time to get positioned.  Then, it’s time to JUMP!

Follow me on social media @TschannaTaylor. Send me an email message at so we can chat. I’d love to hear what you are interested in doing so that you can JUMP!

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