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5 Steps to Achieving Emotional Balance

I have learned that much of life is how you perceive it.  Seeing things from a different angle can help you look at things differently.  These 5 tips to achieving emotional balance helped me form a different viewpoint and I think they will help you to as well.

According to the world renowned Christian psychologist, Dr. Phil McGraw, “Perception is reality”.  I’m inclined to agree.  Imagine if you were standing on your head.  The world would not only appear to be upside down, it really would be upside down.  And all because of the angle you are looking from.

What is Balance?

Balance is the attaining of an even distribution of weight that enables us to remain upright and steady.  It’s important for our physical body to balance so we can walk properly and perform movements.  It’s even more important to maintain emotional balance so that we can keep our feet on the ground from a mental standpoint.  If you ever feel off balance and out of control, the steps below can help turn yourself back around.

Step One:  Examine the Source of Your Instability

It’s helpful to pinpoint what is going on when you feel off-balanced?  Are you reacting to outside stimuli like stress from a huge workload at your job?  Does it happen when your husband is being overly demanding?  Or, maybe your instability is stemming from unresolved things in your past.  It could even be a hormonal situation that spurs your crazy emotions.  Whatever it is, identifying it is the very first step towards finding the solution.

Step Two:  Gain Control

Once you have identified the problem, identify the solution.  If you are hormonal, look into alternative health remedies or set up a doctor’s appointment.  If outside stimuli is pushing your buttons, determine not to react but rather to act.  Reaction gives power to things you cannot control.  Action gives you the power.  It took me a long time to learn that one but it has helped me tremendously.

Step Three:  Set Your Viewfinder

If you are seeing things upside down, chances are that you are upside down.  It’s time to get grounded.  Nothing plants our feet firmly on the ground like spending time with the Lord and in His Word.  I have also found it helpful to compare how I am viewing things in comparison to someone I look up to and trust, a Christian mentor.  If a stable role model is seeing things from a different standpoint, try getting a fresh perspective.

Step Four:  Take a Step Out

When a little one is learning to walk, his balance is shaky.  Still, he takes a step out.  By doing so, he learns to walk.  Yep…he’s going to fall sometimes.  So will we.  But stepping out of our comfort zone will help us gain balance.  If going to church makes you nervous because you are feeling insecure, don’t just go once a week, go twice.  I know when I am apprehensive about doing something and my imbalances kick in…I begin to feel fearful or inadequate.  That is when I know I need to take a big leap of faith.  That’s how we grow through things that hold us back.

Step Five:  Eyes on the Prize

How do you know when you are seeing life upside down?  What is right side up?  By keeping your eyes focused on the end result, the prize, you can judge your perception.  If the way you are feeling and acting is not helping you reach your goals, chances are good that you are not in balance.  Things get distorted.  Problems seem even larger than they really are.  Time to turn it around and focus on what really matters.

As women, we are prone to get a little emotionally off balance from time to time.  From raging hormones to hurt feelings and being overly harsh on ourselves, we can easily get overwhelmed.  It seems to me that it’s all due to our God-given characteristics getting off kilter.  We love deeply so we wear our feelings on our sleeves.  We give much so we can find ourselves being taken advantage of.  We get busy taking care of the needs of others and lose sight on tending to our own needs.  There’s nothing shameful about being off balance.  We are women and…it happens.  By following the five steps to achieving emotional balance though, we can make our great traits even greater.

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