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3 Things to Keep In Mind When It’s Hard to Forgive


One thing I share in my brand new book, After the Affair: Moving Forward God’s Way,  is how I experienced the bitterness and pain when my husband cheated on me. It was a struggle because when it first occurred, I was dealing with all sorts of emotions. I felt rejected, abandoned and hurt. Maybe you’re there right now. Deep hurts can feel so raw and unresolved in the midst of a season that’s supposed to be full of joy and happiness.

Let me be the friend who takes you by the hand to tell you that I understand, I went through it, You can make it through this, everything will be okay and you can move forward the way God intended for you to move ahead. Choosing to forgive is hard, especially when it feels like you or someone you care about has been treated unfairly.

The Bible tells us that it is good to extend forgiveness. And when we the offense to God, that’s when healing begins.

Here are 3 things to keep in my when forgiving is hard to do:

  1. Forgiveness doesn’t justify them; it frees you.

  2. There is an enemy but it is not with each other.

  3. Release the offense to God so that you can begin the healing process.

I have listed some scriptures for you to read in your leisure regarding forgiveness.

  1. Isaiah 26:3

  2. Ephesians 6:12

  3. Luke 6:27-28; 36

Remember that you can get through this. If you want to talk about it, Feel free to contact me at

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