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The Background Story

Whereas others find their greatest fulfillment and motivation in moving forward, she found hers in looking back. Affectionately known as “The Purpose Engineer,” Tschanna Taylor realized that in order to effectively build, she had to heal—hurts and wounds that stemmed from as far back as childhood. After exposing those broken places, which spilled over into her spiritual, financial, emotional and physical life, she made a conscious choice to collaborate with several coaches and therapists—and use those same broken places as building blocks. As an entrepreneur for over 25 years, she’s committed to helping others redefine their life, hold their heads up high, and confidently share their stories to monetize from their pain.

And while some dream of going to an Ivy League college and landing their dream job, Tschanna knew immediately that her dream job simply didn’t exist. Passionate about being her own boss even as a teenager, she knew it was up to her to create it. 


Officially Available April 4, 2021


21 Days to Reset Your Mind, Heart & Soul

Real, transformation is possible! 

As women. We are constantly evaluating ourselves. Am I good enough? What will they think of me? I don’t like the way I look, something is wrong with me.

Change is possible-although real change requires real work. In Redefined, Tschanna Taylor empowers women to draw a line in the sand and make a decision to become the woman they believe God always intended for you.


 In this 21 day devotional, each day gives life lessons and practical ways to address some of the biggest challenges that stand in the way of transformative change. Through scriptures, stories, and thought-provoking questions, Redefined, helps women understand what the deeper message of being stuck is about, recognize what holds them back

, and cultivate a vision for who they want to become.

It’s time to execute an extreme makeover and pursue this ongoing life transformatio.  It’s time to be redefined. 

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"If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be. "

Dr. Maya Angelou