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Marketplace Chaplain •   Bestselling Author  •  TEDx Speaker  •  Mentor • Coach



The Background Story

Whereas others find their greatest fulfillment and motivation in moving forward, she found hers in looking back. Affectionately known as “The Purpose Engineer,” Tschanna Taylor realized that in order to effectively build, she had to heal—hurts and wounds that stemmed from as far back as childhood. After exposing those broken places, which spilled over into her spiritual, financial, emotional and physical life, she made a conscious choice to collaborate with several coaches and therapists—and use those same broken places as building blocks. As an entrepreneur for over 25 years, she’s committed to helping others redefine their life, hold their heads up high, and confidently share their stories to monetize from their pain.

And while some dream of going to an Ivy League college and landing their dream job, Tschanna knew immediately that her dream job simply didn’t exist. Passionate about being her own boss even as a teenager, she knew it was up to her to create it. 


Officially Available October 11, 2021



Reaffirming who you are is the foundation necessary before we attempt to set goals or pursue major lifestyle changes. Otherwise, fear, doubt, and negative self-talk will eventually win over even the best of intentions.

The mind has a way of fulfilling prophecy. If you speak over yourself or someone else speaks over you and you believe that you are a failure – then your mind will lead you to take action to make it true. This is what happens when we fail to take our thoughts captive. 

But what if we believed we were whom God says we are- and spoke THAT over ourselves?

How much would this mindset shift change your daily life and your decisions?

The 15 authors in Reaffirmed share stories of healing and transformation of situations in life that we each had to shed, shift and show up. 

After you read this book, you will rethink the negatives words spoken over you and take action to REAFFIRM! 

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"If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be. "

Dr. Maya Angelou

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